Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Manifesto Joe on WalMart

From They Gave Us a Republic:

I think we just had, in effect, a U.S. plebiscite on whether the American people want continued plutocracy, as we have known it for decades, or at long last some more populist alternative. Now comes time to look more closely at how the institutions that make up this country actually operate, and there's one huge corporate one in particular needs a good and proper ass-kicking.
Walmart is profiting, to the tune of billions annually, from government handouts. Their corporate welfare is mainly "indirect": In some locations, as many as 80% of their "associates" are food-stamp recipients. Since the pay at such corporate wage-slave institutions is so low, their hapless "associates" have no recourse to feed their families and themselves other than to turn to the federal government. This is a subsidy: The government puts up money to help Walmart's wage slaves eat, and therefore the taxpayers subsidize this evil corporate giant.

We had a 'normal' size Wal Mart in our county. They abandoned that store, to build the new Super-Size Walmart. And, as happens quite often, the old store sits empty.

Manifesto Joe links to this article on  the Winning Words Project website. Nicely illustrated story. Take it with a grain of salt though: the Wal Mart worker used to illustrate the disparity between workers and owners is a made up person, with pictures grabbed from FreeDigitalImages.
This article from GoodJobsFirst is a little less warm & fuzzy, but more detailed.
Disclosures of Employers Whose Workers and Their Dependents are Using State Health Insurance Programs.

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