Sunday, December 02, 2012

OK, it's time for a whine session

I'm supposed to be 'on vacation'. Doesn't stop boss from sending me emails, because things still need to get done. OK, except I asked him to send anything important to my personal account, as I didn't want to be having to check company account all the time to see if there was anything needing attention.
So, where does he send the note that he's lost his credit card and it needs to be cancelled?
And the note that he has someone coming in to close on a purchase?
To the company account, of course!
And the webmail program we use won't let me read the fancy html formatted emails he sends. So I have to forward them to the account I asked him to use, to be able to read them. Whoop-dee-do!
So I'll probably end up going in to the office today to take care of some things, because I can't keep myself from worrying and fretting over them.
But I really frakking do resent being taken so much for granted.
Oh, and the closing? Paperwork for which is supposed to be prepared by our lending source? He didn't bother to tell them the closing date. Figured I could do that on Wed, a day I had scheduled to come in and take care of things.
[When I scheduled those 6 days over a period of 6 weeks he has us closed down, he asked 'do you really need to spend so much time here over closing?'  ].

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