Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Senate vote on UN disability convention shows pitiful state of US politics - Telegraph

Senate vote on UN disability convention shows pitiful state of US politics - Telegraph

"It needs to be a wake-up call about a broken institution that's letting down the American people." So said John Kerry in a fit of frustration after the Senate voted against ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The entire world is laughing at us. Except when they're being really afraid of what we might do to ourselves and to them, when we grind to a complete standstill.

One of my state senators voted against the bill. No big surprise, he's been voting in lock-step with the right wing wing-nuts.

But wait, he didn't really vote against it. He's just not voting for it right now
In a conference call yesterday (Thursday), Portman said he signed a letter in October that pushed for any treaty votes to be delayed until the new Congress that takes office in January. He says he may reconsider the bill itself.
Darn, it's another one of those pesky pledges the right likes to sign.

A big part of the objection to this bill came from the Home Schoolers

Then I found out why. The homeschool lobby. And Rick Santorum, but mostly the homeschoolers, particularly those led by Michael Farris of HSLDA fame. Or infamy. However you prefer. They were fearmongering that the treaty, which included language that specifically forbade its use in court. But noooo, the homeschoolers were claiming that it was a direct assault on the family. You know, just like how gay marriage would destroy all hetero marriages and how gay couples were going to raise serial killer kids. And how any laws that attempt to regulate homeschooling, like some oversight from local or state departments of education, are all infringing on their rights to teach their kids however they wish.

I know quite a few home schoolers, from my food co-op. Most of them quite nice, intelligent people. Except when they start carrying on about conspiracies, and poisons in the vaccines, and the danger of mammograms. Then they can get quite loopy. And there's the fact that they get to use 'Christian' books to teach science. Which means only science that fits in with biblical teaching.
Yup, we really need to protect the rights of people to teach their children lies.


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