Sunday, December 02, 2012

Study: Free birth control leads to way fewer abortions - CBS News

Study: Free birth control leads to way fewer abortions - CBS News

"It's just an amazing improvement," Dr. James T. Breeden, president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said of the results. "I would think if you were against abortions, you would be 100 percent for contraception access."

In a logical world, that would be true. But in the world of pro-life, contraception is just as bad as abortion. Because it might lead to WOMEN HAVING SEX JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT INSTEAD OF AS PART OF THEIR DUTY TO SERVE THEIR HUSBAND AND TO HAVE CHILDREN. And we can't be having that.

Thursday's data didn't sway the critics.
Jeanne Monahan of the conservative Family Research Council suggested contraceptive use can encourage riskier sexual behavior.
"Additionally, one might conclude that the Obama administration's contraception mandate may ultimately cause more unplanned pregnancies since it mandates that all health plans cover contraceptives, including those that the study's authors claim are less effective," Monahan said.
Here's why this is a public health issue: Nearly half of the nation's 6 million-plus pregnancies each year are unintended. An estimated 43 percent of them end in abortion. Low-income women are far more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy than their wealthier counterparts.

Let's do the math: if we can cut the rate of unintended pregnancies, in half [from 3 million to 1.5 million] thus eliminating the need for those 43 percent that would end in abortion, that would be 645000 fewer abortions. 
Sounds like a good start to me.

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