Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is why churches and other non-profits should pay taxes

Critics say John Hagee's compensation is too high

This article was from 2003: Mr. Hagee was being paid over a million dollars then. Wonder what he's getting today?
Getting paid a million dollars to preach something that doesn't sound at all like what my grandpa used to. The more money you give to his god, the more you shall receive. Didn't the bible story say that jesus chased the money men out? I don't believe, but he says he does.
And he uses his power to create problems like this: Student objects to ID tags.
A Texas student is suing her school because the school is planning on issuing all students an ID tag: to help them take better attendance records, to ensure they get the maximum school funding they are entitled to.
The chip program is costing Northside $500,000, but the district expects to recover about $1.7 million more from the federal government. So that's $1 million worth of teachers Northside doesn't have to let go. The chips have been successfully introduced in a school district near Houston without fanfare.
So, one student, because of her personal beliefs, reinforced by the teachings of her church, thinks the school should just throw away that extra $1 million in funding. Perhaps the church that taught her would be willing to make up the difference?

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