Monday, July 22, 2013

And now for a bit of whimsy

We had another rain storm a few days ago. Not so unusual this year. Lots of rain, then hot and humid, then more rain, then chilling cold..... No happy medium of pleasant summer days.
My brother made the comment, "Yea, we got a ton of rain last night." And I fell to wondering, and then googling.  According to North Dakota State University, Dickingson Research Extension Center, 1" of rain over a square foot of ground weighs 5.2#. So my little piece of land that I call home actually received 58.5 tons of rain.

1" / square foot = 5.20#
my property is 90' x 100' = 9000 sq ft x 5.2# = 46,800# x 2.5" = 117,000#
117,000# / 2000 # =  58.5 tons

We're so lucky it falls one drop at a time instead of in one big lump of rain.

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