Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another registration mess

Young woman shows up on Sunday afternoon to do a registration.
Hands me the prior registration for 2 jet skis.
Registrations are not in her name.
I ask if she has POA [power of attorney] for the person listed as owner on the old registrations. 
'This isn't you" I say.
"Let me explain" says she.
The jet skis belonged to her father. Who is dead. She is executrix of the estate and wants to move the jet skis, but their registration has lapsed. So she thinks that she, as executrix, should be able to renew the registrations in her father's name. And if necessary, that she should be able to sign a POA in her father's name, naming her as POA to do the registration for him.
So many things wrong with this.
1. Unless Dad just dropped dead this morning, she's had some time to work on this. So there's no urgent need to do it on a Sunday afternoon.
2. You can't have or use a POA for a dead person. Power of attorney ends at the death of the person giving POA.
3. An executor of the estate can not proceed as if the estate owner is still alive. A Dead Person cannot register a vehicle. The executor could transfer titles for the jet skis, and then , as new owner register them.
4. Most important of all: don't try and do something totally out of the ordinary, on a day when the state offices that a lowly agent would need to call for guidance are all closed! And then don't get all pissy and bent out of shape because that lowly agent doesn't say, "Oh what the heck, let's just issue you a registration anyways, because it's so sad your dad is dead".

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