Thursday, July 25, 2013

Desk Etiquette

Am I the only one who believes in 'desk etiquette'?
I know I'm the only in this office who does.
I have the things on my desk laid out in a certain order. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. So if I'm doing three things at once, as usual, I can reach for the stapler while talking on the phone and sorting papers, and find it. I don't have to search for anything. As long as someone else in the office hasn't been 'borrowing' things. Which is OK, it really is, sometimes you just need the nearest stapler or pen or pencil to finish some little thing, and it makes since to use the one at hand instead of walking back to your own desk to get it. But why in the bloody blue blazes can't you put that thing you borrowed back in the same spot? Or at least on the same desk you got it from? Why do I have to go hunting for the thing you borrowed? Your time saved is my time wasted. And [at least in this office] I'm the one working from the moment I hit the door until last thing in the day.

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