Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's talk about registration and procrastination

The business I work for issues watercraft registrations. We have a sign posted on front door and office counter: registration hours: 9am to 4pm. We're open till 5, but things get a bit hectic in that last hour.

Had a man come to the counter a few days ago: after 4pm. Wanted a registration. I explained that we stopped issuing them at 4pm. He wanted us to make an exception in his case, because he really wanted to use the boat that evening. I was starting to waver. Then I asked him when he had bought his boat: if less than 45 days ago, he could run it legally on a dated bill of sale.
"Last fall".
 8 to 10 months ago.
My empathy for him completely vanished in an instance.
Sorry, I said, we're open tomorrow for registrations, between 9 and 4.

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