Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday musings

Just had someone call, about renting a jet ski for an hour. BossMan had made the decision earlier in the day that we would only rent for half-days today, not hourly, as he had given two employes the day off. Caller didn't want to pay for half day and only get to ride for 2 hours. Thing is, she said it would take 40 minutes for her to get her. So, she would have been willing to drive 40 minutes each way, to ride a jet ski for an hour. Frakking mindless entertainment and she's willing to spend an hour and 20 minutes of her life driving to get here and back. And then spend over $300, or $150 for an hour. Some people have way too much free cash and free time, IMHO.

And then there's the BossMan's lovely habit: we're here at 8am for rentals. Sales hours are noon to 4. Does he pack a lunch [knowing we're short handed]? Does he leave for lunch before sales hours? Nope. Leaves a few minutes before noon, doesn't get back until 12:30 or so. Happens every Sunday. And seems like every Sunday, we get a rush of people at noon, so I have to stop whatever I'm doing and try and point them in the right direction and just keep them here until someone in sales is free.

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