Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tis so much easier to rant than to comply

Or at least, it would appear to be that way for some folks.
The business I work for has a boat ramp. Open to the public, for a fee of $10. There's a lock box next to ramp, a supply of envelopes, and instructions. "Please put your fee in the envelope, write license plate of tow vehicle on the envelope, put in box."
Sounds fairly simple to me. That way we can give people credit for payments made, and know who's paying, who's just ramping and thinking they don't have to pay.
We made up some notes to stick on windshields of vehicles that we suspect of not paying [they didn't come to office and get a pass, no envelope with their number on it].
Got one of them back today, in the lock box, with scribbled note on it.
"I paid with two $5 bills. Did not use envelope. Don't like being accused of not paying!".

So, the person can read; but chose not to read ramp instructions.
They paid, but chose not to label their payment.
And we're supposed to know that the loose money in the box was theirs; by magic?
And they have the time to get all twisty about 'being accused' but can't take the 30 seconds to pull out an envelope, write plate on it, stick it in the box.

Some people just love to take offense. And seem willing to suck up all sorts of time putting themselves into a position to be offended, rather than spend the time to follow the rules.

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