Saturday, September 28, 2013

The things you wish you hadn't found out about your neighbors.

Neighbor across the street: reasonable looking young man, always seemed to be busy working, fixing things. Wasn't very attentive to his two children, but lots of people aren't these days.
I just learned that, in addition to the two children he has living with him, he has fathered 7 others, scattered about the area, two here, one there, two in town, two in Michigan.
1. How did he find the time?
2. Why did so many women let him get them pregnant?
3. And why isn't he in jail for serial failure to pay child support?
If I ruled the world: after the 2nd child fathered without benefit of parental care and attention, it would be 'snip-snip': no more sperm for you! And the same treatment for women who have more than one child without benefit of a permanent arrangement for the maintenance costs involved.
Nine children! Lost in a maze of half sisters and brothers, and temporary adult influences as the 'parents' go from one relationship to another.
Is it any wonder so many children are so fucked up?
[and just in case you're thinking it, this neighbor is white white white. so don't go spouting about 'those kind' of people. 'Cause it's all kinds of people out there being stupid. ]

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