Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's the little accomplishments that make the day brighter

After much hemming and hawing and contemplation, I grabbed the drill and started to work.
Had to replace the back porch door knob/latch set. The old set had fallen apart in my hands one day, after years of use. The spindles connecting the inner and outer door had just given up.
Purchased the new set, expecting an easy 'out with the old, in with the new'; but the new one had a metal tube surrounding the works that connect to the inner piece. The old installation used 3 - 1/4" holes. The new one would need 2 - 1/4" holes with a central 3/4" hole.
How to drill out a larger hole from a smaller one, I asked? And of course google answered me.
I needed to use a hole saw. I also needed to attach scrap plywood to the front and back of the door, so that the center bit of the hole saw had something to grab onto, and to keep the backside of the drilled hole from tearing out.
These pieces did an excellent job. And they functioned as door grabs while I was building up my courage to actually attempt the drilling. Why was I so hesitant? Talking to people, and reading on line, how the hole saw would have a tendency to spin out of control during the drill process.
Well, as I said, today I decided to 'get it done'. I did have to stop after a bit of drilling, take the hole saw bit apart, and pry out the drilled wood core.

But when the drilling was done, the new handle slid right into place. Of course, being the idiot that I am, I had to unscrew and turn around the inner latch, after realizing that I had put it on backwards. Oops.
And then had to do the same thing with the outer latch. Good thing they're only screwed in place, not glued, right?
Before: wrong:
After: corrected:
Had to reposition the inner door catch. But that was a piece of cake!
I'm so happy!

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