Saturday, October 12, 2013

missing the larger picture

Adrian Peterson son dies after alleged beating by mom's boyfriend Joseph Patterson; Minnesota Vikings RB returns to practice |

Oh no, a football player is on the edge of a tragic story!!
How sad for the football player! Please, fans, let him get through this in peace and privacy!
Wait a minute. Rewind. Take another look.
The big story should be: here's another unfortunate child, caught in the tragedy of stupid choices made by humans living in the now and not thinking or caring about the consequences of their actions. We have a man sowing his seed carelessly, without any thought of providing a stable home-life for the product of that seed. We have a woman,celebrating her right to be as sexual as she wants to: without any thought of providing a stable home-life for children that might result from that sexual act. We have a woman who has decided that another man, one with a record of abusive behaviour, is an acceptable partner, is someone she will let into her home, with her child.
I'm ashamed to admit that I was once in that situation. I was a single mom, desperate for 'love', desperate to be in a relationship. Because I was not strong enough to realize that the tripe I'd been fed all my life was just that: tripe. The notion that no woman can be complete until she has a man to share her life with. The notion that to be single is to be a failure at the great game of life. The notion that just finding that one right person to be with would lead me to a Hollywood ending, with all my troubles at an end. The notion that being in love was the answer to everything.
I regret to this day what I put my child through. And am so thankful that he turned out as well as he has in spite of my failures. But everywhere I turn, I see women still falling for the lies, women still putting up with so much crap just to keep 'their man' appeased. And women putting their children at risk, because they're so consumed with the search for 'love'.

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