Wednesday, October 16, 2013

please save me from the dunderheads

If I told you that I needed for you to back out of a program, so that I could run a backup; would I then need to call you, after the backup had finished running/ with skipped files, and ask if you had closed out the program, because it had skipped files that were in use, and you said OK, I'll get out, and then I ran the backup program again, and it still showed the main program menu as skipped/inuse? Would that be you?
Do you think I can be forgiven for being just the least little bit peeved at that person? And for calling that person a dunderhead?
I'll know better next time. I'll say, please hit F10 at least 15 times, and then hit it once again, then call me and tell me you're out of the program.

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