Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Seeing stars

Woke up early this morning, to the light of more stars than I remember seeing in quite some time.
Pulled on some shorts, stepped outside to take a better look.
The southern sky was full of light. Beautiful. But puzzling. There was an area towards the south west, that seemed to have a faint star cluster. But when I turned my head to look at it, it disappeared. Turn back to the south, the cluster appeared again. Back and forth I turned, trying to pinpoint this mysterious cluster. The only way I could see it was out of the corner of my eye.
So I went googling for an answer. And found this from Yahoo, and this from The Straight Dope. I wasn't going crazy. Just experiencing a natural phenomena of the human eye construction.
Here's an interesting little article on how to see in the dark. I'll have to try this next time the starlight wakes me.

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