Wednesday, October 09, 2013

the sad things you experience visiting the elder-care home

1. Wheeling your mom down to the dining hall, for an Elvis impersonator. Decent voice but a very limited range. And painted on side burns. He did look old and worn down enough to actually be 'the King' reduced to very dire circumstances.
1a. becoming aware of a very strong odor in the room; hoping that the odor wasn't coming from your mom, sitting there tapping her toes to the music. the feeling of relief when you do wheel her back to her room and the odor doesn't follow you.
2. Sitting next to mom at the dinner table, listening to the abusive tone of the man sitting two tables over. he's living there with his wife, who is a very lost soul. perhaps that explains his anger towards her. or maybe that's what drove her over the edge of her mind.  I could be mis-reading the situation; but you see it so many times, an older couple, the man in complete control, dominating his wife, constantly correcting and criticizing her, not letting her carry on a conversation without having to butt in and show his own importance.  The only blessing for some of these women is that the men die first, so the women have  few years of peace before their own end. But this poor woman has to now live in one small room with her tormentor.

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