Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ann Patchett on Why the Sexual Revolution Has Been Good for Women -

Ann Patchett on Why the Sexual Revolution Has Been Good for Women -

I've just 'discovered' Ann Patchett. And this is the first article I clicked on after googling her.

I like this bit:

 It seems to me that when birth control was making its debut, the notion
of the freedom it promised was so dazzling that women actually
remembered to use it, in the same way that the suffragists who marched
and starved and went to prison for the right to vote remembered to vote.
In the intervening generations, the sexual revolution and today's
sexually active teenagers have grown too far apart. Young women can
still remember that they are free to have sex while forgetting that they
are able to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Bristol Palin became a famous
teenage mother and spawned (if you will forgive the word) a
reality-show level of interest in girls by showing them how cool it is
to be in high school with an infant on your hip. Sometimes I think the
revolution could stand a refresher course.

Yes, yes, yes. I see so many young women who seem to be desperately looking for 'love' in all the wrong places, and forgetting about the need to take responsibility for one's actions, and to take responsibility for the children they inevitably produce when they engage in 'right'eous but reckless sex.

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