Saturday, September 06, 2014

Our electronic world

We had a brownout yesterday, followed by a complete blackout.
Got the freezer and frig unplugged, computer turned off. Later flipped the breaker for the kitchen range line.
And then waited, hoping that power would be restored before the frig and freezer contents were ruined.
Not sure what caused the problem. It had been very warm and muggy all day. Heat index was over 100 [which is warm for this area]. Wind had been picking up, with severe thunderstorms predicted for later that evening.
I went to brother's house to sit and knit with his wife, 'cause it was too dark to do it at home.  the electric company said that power should be restored by 8:30PM, so at 8:25, I headed back home.
No power. Oh well, called the power company again, new estimated repair time of 10:30. So I gathered up  flashlights and cell phone and went to bed.
The power was back!  Hurrah. Plug in the frig, plug in the freezer. Ice cubes still frozen in both, so OK there. My desk top radio lost it's settings. Volume at -0-, no time, no station settings. But that's no big deal.
The kitchen range is another story. When I flipped the breaker, the 'clock' panel started flashing. It's called the 'clock' panel, but it's really the brains of the range. E1 -F1- it says, over and over.
The burners work, but no oven function.  Oh well. The clock had already been slightly damaged. There'd been a previous brownout 2 or 3 years ago. Lost the time display function, but the rest of it still worked.  This time, the brain is gone.
Oh well. Off to the appliance store this morning, to compare cost of replacing the brain vs. replacing the stove.

To fix the old stove:  $525, with only a 30 day warranty on the new control panel
New stove: $785, delivered, with 1 year warranty on electrical components. Can add 2 years coverage for $75.
Old stove purchased in spring of 2003.
So guess who's getting a new stove?

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