Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project

The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project

Such a sad picture. Charter schools taking money from public schools, and not producing their promised results.  And look at just how much money they waste on failure:

The public school gets $1280.16 per student, and spends 92.3% of that in the classroom.

The charter schools get  an average of $5225 more per student: 5 times the money the public school gets, to produce lower grades.

And these are virtual schools. No need for desks, chairs, blackboards, chalk, pencils and pens. So what exactly are they spending all the money on?

What this report doesn't reveal, and I really wish they could, is how much of this extra money is going into the pockets of the owners of these charter schools. Because that's the part that really burns me. That our political leaders are so frakking unbelievable that they thought it was a good idea to take money from schools to put in the pockets of their campaign supporters. Call me a skeptic [yes please do], but I don't think for one minute that the leaders of the charge towards charter schools were thinking of anything but this: public school funding is a vast untapped source of funds that we need to, that we deserve to get a piece of because we're not rich enough yet.

UPDATE: local NPR station had a response today, from a charter school organization in Ohio. They complained that the site I went to was not 'telling the whole story' with regards to school comparisons.  They suggested checking other sites, including this one:
So I did. has a whole lot of advertising on it's pages. Mostly homes for sale in the neighborhood. Maybe that's why they didn't pick up any of the virtual charter schools in the area? The ones that are sucking the most money from public schools?

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