Monday, December 22, 2014

I can be such an inconsistent person

My neighbor heats his home with a wood stove.
Quite like the grasshopper when it comes to planning for the future, meaning of course that he doesn't. Wood stoves work much better if fueled with seasoned wood. Wood that has been hewn, split, stacked & covered, so that the moisture content is as low as possible.
My neighbor cuts his wood green in the fall and winter, heaps great chunks in his front yard, open to the wind/rain/snow, and seems to prefer cutting them most often after dark.
Then he loads the stove full, and billows of acrid white smoke fill the air. So that all his neighbors can enjoy the smell and breathe deeply of the fine particulates in the smoke.
I call him a grasshopper because he spends the summer spinning off with his motorcycle club instead of laying in the winter wood supply.
A lovely little club. The males get to wear jackets proudly emblazoned "Lost Riders". [Which, if they really were lost, wouldn't that make it hard for them to get together to ride?]. The females' jackets declare them to be "Property of Lost Riders". Oh joy. I think this is really setting a good example for his 12 year old daughter, to aspire to become property of a motorcycle gang. If she lives long enough. Because he does like to haul the children off with the gang. The gang dressed in jeans, boots, jackets. The children wearing shorts, t-shirts, no helmets, and sometimes no shoes.
What really strikes me as strange though, is that, as annoyed as I am by the smoke pollution, I am equally as annoyed when I see that his children have come home once again to an unheated house.
And am torn between worrying about them being cold, and worrying about them trying to chop some wood on their own, and start the fire on their own.

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