Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Beware 'Rachel from cardholder services'

Beware 'Rachel from cardholder services'

I just got one of these spoofed local calls. My area code, the 3 digit code for local mobile service. So I answered it, only to hear the dulcet tones of Rachel, urging me to let her help me lower my rates.

I pity the poor person that might have the same voice as Rachel, because if I ever were to hear that voice live, I might just explode.

In an attempt to stop Rachel the FTC is reaching out to the computer
and telephone hacking community. The FTC has announced that it is
hosting three separate contests at this summer’s DEF CON 22 hacker
conference. DEF CON is the largest hacker convention and held every
August in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The contests are called “Zapping Rachel.” Entrants are challenged to
come up with the technology to lure in and trap the Rachel scammers, a
process called a “honeypot.” $50,000 prize money is expected to attract
numerous hackers to the worthwhile goal of stopping Rachel’s continuing
harassment of consumers.

I don't know about you, but I would love to 'Zap' Rachel and all her like. Who works for these scams? Do you know anyone who does? How do they justify themselves?

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