Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A rising tide?

I’ve just been out shoveling again.
And experiencing a weird phenomenon.
The path that runs between house & garage, to my back door: I laid it down many years ago, and either it has sunk or the surrounding ground has risen. Anyways, at a point about 1/3 of the way along the path, for a space of about 6’, I’d get a melty puddle about an inch deep [did you know that snow melts from the bottom? I figure that’s where the water was coming from, melting piles of shoveled snow]. And if it got cold after the puddle collected, I’d have a nice short little ice run-way.
So, after the first snow this year, I got enough 2 & 3” thick concrete blocks to span the length of that low spot. I was just out shoveling snow, and guess what: there’s slush on top of those concrete blocks.  I’m starting to think that no matter how high I would build up that path, water would find it’s way to the top.

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